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Glenn's Ammo & Reloading was started by Glenn and Yvonne Sorensen in April of 2014. The store specializes in ammunition and reloading supplies and offers a wide variety of other accessories and firearms.



Glenn began shooting at an early age under the direction of his father. At the age of 13 he worked with his Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor to learn the basics of reloading ammunition. He then continued to teach himself more about reloading through research and practice .
In the Mid 1970's, Glenn learned the firearms business while working at Colman's Sporting Goods.
In 1974 Glenn became a member of the Reading
Rifle and Revolver club. He served as President of the club from 1989-1991.
In the 1980's he began shooting competitively with his  wife and co-owner of Glenn's Ammo,Yvonne. 
In 1988, he was proud to earn the Distinguished Rifleman Badge for excellence in marksmanship competition.
Glenn and Yvonne have over 25 years of experience as vendors at gun shows across New England .

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